Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday, 04/23/13

Dear Journal,

Oh it's so hard to be tough..

My students in computers have been working on finishing up several assignments about PowerPoint. They were to work through tutorials, complete certain items and take quizes at certain points. They have been working on this for weeks and last Thursday was the deadline cutoff for finishing them. For two weeks, I have begun every class period by reminding them what the deadline was, and that after Thursday any tutorials and quizes left incompleted would receive a zero grade.

So today, the first day after the cutoff, Miss Cheerful showed up to class and asked to take her quiz. "Oh no....that was last Thursday?? I thought it was this Thursday."
(Uhm...not sure how she missed that... I believe her...but I did announce it clearly every class period, with the calendar date included, and I had gone to her computer encouraging her multiple times and told her directly on Thursday that it would be the last time she could turn in tutorials and quizes..)

"So I can't do them anymore?? Nooo, Miss Beth!! I have a C!!!" and then, as if her heart was breaking, "Oh why, WHY didn't I take the quiz?!"

What else could I do? I feel horrible for her, but I can't see my way clear to give her an extension when the reason that she didn't get them finished was because she spent the entire first two weeks of the project browsing the web looking for the perfect PowerPoint background...

So I said no... because I know that hard lessons can be so very, very beneficial..

But the nurturer in me is still having a tough time with it!

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